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Author Topic: MTPredictor Review  (Read 6930 times)

Shawn Donahue

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MTPredictor Review
« on: January 30, 2013, 10:23:29 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I have been an MTPredictor customer for about 3 years now, and ever since purchasing and really committing to learning and applying the principles inherent in the software and applying them to my own trading, I simply haven't looked back. Today, it forms the foundation not only of all of my trading, but the principles I have learned form a large part of the foundation of my entire perception of market action in general. I have been trading for about 6 years in a variety of markets and vehicles, and during that time I explored and sought out absolutely everything I could get my hands on - some was very good and well worth it, and a lot of it was not so good.

So, having been around the block in terms of tools, indicators and software, I can say without a doubt that MTPredictor was absolutely one of the best investments I have made in my trading. When one really commits to learning the methodology and the principles inherent in the software, then it quite simply is one of the most powerful and valuable tools you can ever bring to your trading- whether on it's own or even in conjunction with complimentary methods, techniques, and experience, as many of us also incorporate.

Between the ongoing support, education, trade room, and the personal interest that Steve and John (expert professional traders, no less) take in their customers' success, you will be hard pressed to find a better value in this business.

Thanks for everything!


Seth Martin

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Re: MTPredictor Review
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 06:27:46 AM »
I completely agree with Shawn!

I personally found it difficult to produce a set of rules and stick to them consistently.  MT Predictor utilizes a set of rules that are embedded within the software and as a result it makes it much easier to commit and stay committed to the trading plan while maintaining risk control.  I use the platform for trading stocks and options, and it has been huge benefit to me thus far.

The support from the team is fantastic!  A group of professionals that are focused on the customers/traders 100%!!!!


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Re: MTPredictor Review
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2013, 09:26:09 AM »
I would like to second Shawn's review. There are many people trying to sell trading education as getting a stream of regular paying students is much easier than trading, which is filled with uncertainty. The free trading room and youtube channel are worth a fortune to those who can learn its lessons. Thank you to Steve, John and Bruce for all the work they do.

Dave Ram

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Re: MTPredictor Review
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2013, 07:01:54 PM »
                                       My special thanks to Steve ,, John ,, Bruce ,, and specially  UWE

I am a user of Ninja 7 MTP  for the past 2 years and trading is going well but i needed something more , which would be better understanding of trading MTP  i want all tor videos and read the 1/2 manuals but thing was not quite satisfactory for me i needed more.

I was reading the Forum and came up with the name UWE ... he was offering another member help so i got UWE e mail and contacted him , we had a very fruitful conversation and he agree to work with me under conditions ...

That i have to buy the MTP upgrade 7.5 and to subscribe to e signal data  so i did within a few days
UWE took his time and spend hours with me to set up everything now everything is working very well

Day 1 uwe showed me how to set up my  symbol manager ,, setup the scanner ,,lay out charts he spent hours with me

Day 2 i forget everything i learned on Day 1 so UWE had reteach me all over again what he thought me in Day 1 now day 2 i understand how to setup symbol manager and the scanner  ,,,

Day 3 I started to trade with MTP 7.5   using analysis we got 1 winning trade one  NQ  without cash because i did not have my ninja set wit my interactive Broker

Day 4 we did all our set up at 9:00 EST  then started to trade at 9:30 we waited all day and gor a setup in the afternoon too the trade and  end up green at marker close

thanks you Steve and UWE